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Our Services


Landscaping renovations

Comprehensive improvements to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor space.

Land Clearing

Efficient removal of debris, vegetation, and obstacles to create a clean and clear landscape.


Strategic placement and cultivation of various plants to enhance the beauty and diversity of your garden or landscape.

Tree Service

Professional care including pruning, trimming, and removal to ensure the health and appearance of trees.


Installation and customization of fences, providing privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Spring and fall cleanup

Thorough seasonal maintenance, including debris removal and preparation to keep your landscape vibrant year-round.

Top Soil and Mulch

Application of nutrient-rich topsoil and mulch to improve soil quality, moisture retention, and enhance plant growth.

Complete Lawn Maintenance

Full-spectrum care for your lawn, including mowing, edging, fertilization, and other essential tasks to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn.

New Sod Laying

Installation of fresh, healthy sod for the quick establishment of a lush and vibrant lawn.

Aerating and seed

Aeration and seeding services to promote healthy soil structure and encourage new grass growth.


Leveling and shaping of the ground to ensure proper drainage and create a smooth, even surface.


Outdoor Living Areas

Creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Masonry Work

Expert craftsmanship in the construction and installation of durable and visually appealing masonry structures.


Design and installation of driveways, combining functionality with visual appeal using various materials.

Pool Patios

Customized patio construction around pools, ensuring a stylish and comfortable space for recreation.

Retaining walls

Structural installations to prevent soil erosion, manage slopes, and enhance the overall stability of landscapes.

Fire pit

Construction of fire pits for a cozy and inviting outdoor atmosphere, perfect for gatherings.


Design and construction of elevated entry platforms or steps to enhance the entrance of a building.


Installation of play areas, creating safe and enjoyable spaces for recreational activities.


Implementation of drainage solutions to prevent water accumulation and ensure proper water management.


Construction of walkways, ensuring durability and safety while complementing the overall landscape design.

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Felix Amaya
Felix Amaya
Is great
jonathan bowen
jonathan bowen
Had a large fence installed. Was told three days for an install by other companies and a price of 40 percent more than Fernandez landscaping. They came in and knocked down a major project in one day at a price no one could touch!
Renee Cajigal-Delgado
Renee Cajigal-Delgado
I'm so glad that I found the Fernandez Brothers Landscaping Company!!! I was prepared to settle for a landscaping lumber retaining wall. I called the Fernandez Brothers to schedule an appointment for a quote. Juan Fernandez came to our house as scheduled and listened to what we were trying to achieve. While he could have just given us a quote for what we asked for, he suggested an alternative and showed me some photos of a rock retaining wall. We decided to opt for the rock wall and are we so happy that we did! The result far exceeded our expectations --- and they even moved our statue to its new location. Many thanks to Juan and his crew for a beautiful and reasonably priced job. He even made sure that that rocks in front of the statue had a flat surface to sit or place flowers on. We are very happy customers! Call the Fernandez Brothers - I doubt very much that you'll be disappointed with their work or prices.